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Professional Range

Salica has guaranteed supplies thanks to the largest tuna fishing fleet in Europe. The product is traceable to its source.

Frozen goods

We have the best frozen Skipjack, Yellowfin or Albacore tuna MSC products, large formats and special bulk quantities for the HORECA chain and CAMPOS brand transformers.

We are a specialist manufacturers of frozen tuna which you can purchase in loins, pieces, backs, cubes, bellies and also tuna-based pre-cooked products such as fillets covered in breadcrumbs with or without delicious sauces, or tuna nuggets.

The range also includes loins and medallions of Albacore tuna MSC.

Canned goods

We have a wide range of formats and seasonings which adapt to the main European consumer markets. Large formats that improve and maintain the gastronomic qualities of the tuna, with careful preparation, specially processed to respond to the requirements of restaurants and transformers.

Our main commercial brand for canned goods at a European level is Bachi although all products are also marketed under private brands.

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